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By this Author: Anniandrea

Free Lance Tour Guide/ Translator in Manta and Sorroundings.

I can tour the people who arrive in the Cruise Ships in Manta to enjoy a day out walking in San Lorenzo's Cloud Forest and the beautiful town of Montecristi.

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My name is Annia Larkins I have duel nationality British and Ecuadorian. This is way English is my first language and my home town in Manta Ecuador.

I feel very priveleged to live here...

Manta is a beautiful city with a prosperous port and lovely beaches in town and near by.
I love nature so I know the names of many native fauna and the history of the places that I visit.

From Manta 20 minutes away there is an incredible Cloud Forest called El Bosque de Pacoche... I have done this hike many time and know what hours is best to spot the howler monkeys and after the hike the white sandy beach in Cabo San Lorenzo has the best little local restaurants for the very fresh sea food and views.

That is one tour and the other is going around the center town of Manta visiting the pedestrian streets and old houses like Cacebi and then going to Montecristi that is where they make Panama hats and you also have the museam of Eloy Alfaro with great views from there.
It is a great place to but local handy crafts.
I can also book different tours on request and make day trips to Puerto Cayo and Sta Marianita..

I have already taken groups that arrive in the Cruise Ships to do the hike in San Lorenzo and the beautiful town of Montecristi.
I am available for this season of Cruise Ships 2012 and 2013 coming in you may email me at anniawaterbabe@gmail.com.


Hi Annia,
You were recommended to us from a cruise critic member for a trip into the jungle to see howler monkeys.
We are arriving on cruise ship Celebrity Infinity 7am 19th March & would like to organise a tour with you for the 4 of us. The info below is what we were given...
Manta day trip, particularly if you are young and/or fit, an option is a jeep ride and hike in el Aromo jungle to see howler monkeys & other wildlife. Annia Larkins can take max 4 passengers for $40 per person for a 5 hour tour. She would meet them at the exit of the port. There was a reference to Annia on one of the boards and she replied to me promptly.
Her email address is annawaterbabe@gmail.com <mailto:annawaterbabe@gmail.com>
Would you be able to organise a tour for us?

Kind regards,
Gaye Hafner


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With it's beautiful jungle that are next to the white sandy beaches and wild rivers that go acros wild mangroves forest until the ocean...
Its people are unique, proud and lively...
They are people that came far away from a tormented Africa and were almost brought in as slaves. What changed the course of history is that a big storm in the pacific ocean made a shipwreck that was fatale for others and saved the survivors from slavery.
Because the survivers arrived to the coast of Esmeraldas as free and unknown sourrounded by a green jungle and virgin coast that still is quite unexplored to this day...
They have the most exquisite dishes made with coconut and sea food and you can buy lovely souvenirs like beautiful hand made african masks and musical instruments.
Their music is called Marimba and they are very talented musiciens and dancers.
Some photos are of a musical festival in the town of Muisne.

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Bahia de Caraques and Canoa

Heading up Noth of Manabi

semi-overcast 24 °C

DSC07910.jpgDSC07919.jpgDSC07976.jpgDSC07935.jpgDSC07909.jpgDSC07904.jpgJust a couple of hours up North from Manta is the quiet and beautiful Bahia de Caraquez.

The road trip goes passed by the unique forest of Ceibo trees, there are green all over with cotton also and are a symbol of Manabi's landscape.
You will know you have arrived when you'll see the nice seaside apartments,the houses and sail boats right where the river meet the ocean, with the views of the heart's island of mangroves and white cliffs with sandy beaches. Here is a town where people still say hello to each other and really just stroll down the streets. The roads almost have no traffic and are great for cycling and walking. Many sail boats are ankled here and they have access to Puerto amor for any needs. There is a good tennis club and nice restaurants near the Hotel La Piedra right on the ocean.
From here is the ferry to go across to Canoa a beach town that is becoming the next Montanita in its own way.
But soon this year there will be a bridge to bring together the two coasts..

Canoa has all its bars on the sandy beaches and has quite a lot of partying the weekends, its has beautiful hostels like Bamboo and Coco Loco.
Bamboo is owned by a Dutch who started this hostel almost 20 years ago and its has a more private atmosphere right at the end of the beach, very nice decoration too and the food is delicious. Coco Loco is more in the middle of it all and also has a good American breakfast, the owner is an American lady who has the place really nice too. Both places are right on the beach...
You can also surf here, go horse back riding on the long sandy beach and inquire about gliding.

Close by is Rio Muchacho a small local community more inland where many people go to help out in volunteer projects and there is a nice tree house to stay the night.
From Canoa you are only a couple of hours away from Esmeraldas a very interesting province of Ecuador for its natural diversity and people.
That will be my next post...
Annia L.

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Panama hats and Eloy Alfaro


Montecristi is a place where history took place and traditions have continued.
In this small coastal town with a cool climate coming from the mist of Montecristi's green mountain
El viejo Luchador was born, one of the most important man in our political history: Eloy Alfaro.

He was the best president for Ecuador, he made a great revolution.
He separated the religion from politics and gave women a place in eduaction and work and gave her the right of vote.
He made the first train to unite the Coast from the Highlands and brought teachers from Europe to help bring up the education standards.
When education, equality and political freedom are at the heart of the interest for the people, I think nothing can go wrong.
There is a mosaic of him next to the Montecrisit Church and also a museum conmemorating his life next to the once National Parlament. In this town there is a beautiful wodden building that was the first women's school he created.

Montecristi also has a history to handycrafts and the most important one is the finely made Panama hat, that is
actually made here from local straw, it took its name because it was exported from Panama to the world.
There is a beautiful display of these hats in the main street.

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Santa Marianita_Beach life style

Kite Surfing Schools by Annia Larkins

25 °C

Santa Marianita has become a great place to experience the ultimate beach life style.
The windy season is from May to November and there is two equally good Kite Surfing Schools.

It all started back in the days when a couple of colombian kitesurfers came to Manta to teach the local people this new sport that had just picked up, they decided to make a school in the fishing town of Sta Marianita.

Now this place has made quite a transition into an international expat beach town.
One Kite School belong to Vladimir at the beginning of the beach entrance and
Robert's school is in a hostel at the end of the lane.
There is also spanish and kite surfing program lessons with Robert.

This beach has humpback whales that come very close to the coast and it is a really long and sandy beach
until the rocks of la Tinosa.

If you are lucky you can Kite Surf and whale watch at the same time.
There are plenty of beach parties and bomfires at night, the bars are right on the beach and the atmosphere is really cool.
This beach has a lot nice houses and suites for rent and everybody knows each other so any needs just ask around.
Linda an American lady living in Sta Marianita is very friendly and can help.
This beach town is only a 20min drive from Manta, which is very convenient if you need some more city life and to do some touristic circuits around like Montecristi and San Lorenzo.
Here are some of my pics of Sta Marianita...


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