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November 2010



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With it's beautiful jungle that are next to the white sandy beaches and wild rivers that go acros wild mangroves forest until the ocean...
Its people are unique, proud and lively...
They are people that came far away from a tormented Africa and were almost brought in as slaves. What changed the course of history is that a big storm in the pacific ocean made a shipwreck that was fatale for others and saved the survivors from slavery.
Because the survivers arrived to the coast of Esmeraldas as free and unknown sourrounded by a green jungle and virgin coast that still is quite unexplored to this day...
They have the most exquisite dishes made with coconut and sea food and you can buy lovely souvenirs like beautiful hand made african masks and musical instruments.
Their music is called Marimba and they are very talented musiciens and dancers.
Some photos are of a musical festival in the town of Muisne.

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