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August 2010


Panama hats and Eloy Alfaro


Montecristi is a place where history took place and traditions have continued.
In this small coastal town with a cool climate coming from the mist of Montecristi's green mountain
El viejo Luchador was born, one of the most important man in our political history: Eloy Alfaro.

He was the best president for Ecuador, he made a great revolution.
He separated the religion from politics and gave women a place in eduaction and work and gave her the right of vote.
He made the first train to unite the Coast from the Highlands and brought teachers from Europe to help bring up the education standards.
When education, equality and political freedom are at the heart of the interest for the people, I think nothing can go wrong.
There is a mosaic of him next to the Montecrisit Church and also a museum conmemorating his life next to the once National Parlament. In this town there is a beautiful wodden building that was the first women's school he created.

Montecristi also has a history to handycrafts and the most important one is the finely made Panama hat, that is
actually made here from local straw, it took its name because it was exported from Panama to the world.
There is a beautiful display of these hats in the main street.

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Santa Marianita_Beach life style

Kite Surfing Schools by Annia Larkins

25 °C

Santa Marianita has become a great place to experience the ultimate beach life style.
The windy season is from May to November and there is two equally good Kite Surfing Schools.

It all started back in the days when a couple of colombian kitesurfers came to Manta to teach the local people this new sport that had just picked up, they decided to make a school in the fishing town of Sta Marianita.

Now this place has made quite a transition into an international expat beach town.
One Kite School belong to Vladimir at the beginning of the beach entrance and
Robert's school is in a hostel at the end of the lane.
There is also spanish and kite surfing program lessons with Robert.

This beach has humpback whales that come very close to the coast and it is a really long and sandy beach
until the rocks of la Tinosa.

If you are lucky you can Kite Surf and whale watch at the same time.
There are plenty of beach parties and bomfires at night, the bars are right on the beach and the atmosphere is really cool.
This beach has a lot nice houses and suites for rent and everybody knows each other so any needs just ask around.
Linda an American lady living in Sta Marianita is very friendly and can help.
This beach town is only a 20min drive from Manta, which is very convenient if you need some more city life and to do some touristic circuits around like Montecristi and San Lorenzo.
Here are some of my pics of Sta Marianita...


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